Tree Problems and Dangers You Should Be Aware Of

17 / March

Tree roots might have already found their way underneath your home, building and foundation. Foundation uplift can happen as well as water leaching through the tree root systems (which increases the tendency for structures to sink and settle). It’s also possible that the roots will invade the underground drain pipes and eventually block the wastewater flow.

Other tree problems and dangers

Aside from the tree roots, the tree itself as what we see on the surface can also cause problems and hazards. For example, trees can easily catch fire and they can spread through the surrounding houses and buildings (especially if the tree closely touches the building structure). During storms and accidents, the falling trees and branches can damage power lines as well as nearby structures and vehicles. More alarming is that they might cause injuries and fatalities.

Aside from storms and accidents, trees and branches might also eventually fall off because of disease and infestation. Abnormal and slant growth of the tree can also compromise its integrity (which might fall off anytime as the tree grows). Pests and infestations might also make the tree and its branches weaker as weeks and months pass by.

Because of those dangers and hazards, it’s crucial for professionals to inspect the trees in your property. Most of the hazards and risks are probably still hidden from view. Or, you might already have your suspicions. Perhaps you’ve noticed “something’s wrong” with the tree or it looks like it has some disease and signs of damage and infestation (e.g. visible cracks, decay, cankers and hollowing).

If you want to gain peace of mind and address those problems and worries, you can contact us here today at Banksia Arborcare. We will promptly inspect that potentially hazardous tree and carry out the necessary treatment or removal. Our team will safely complete the process for your peace of mind. With our more than 20 years experience and as a member of the National Arborists Association of Australia and the International Society of Arboriculture, rest assured everything will be handled professionally. Phone us now at 0412 181 075.

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