Is It Time to Upgrade Your Workplace?

13 / November

Our work environment actually influences our creativity and mental performance. After all, many employees spend at least 38 hours each day from Monday to Friday. What we see every day in our workplace might actually prime our minds to success.

In addition, the appearance of an office can affect people’s perceptions about the company. An aesthetically pleasing and orderly work environment signals professionalism both to the suppliers and potential clients. This also tells other people that the business is in order and probably communicates that the company is serious for the long term.

Is it time to upgrade your workplace?

Remember the time when you’re just starting your business. Almost everything was chaotic but still you wanted to show your company’s strength and stability so customers, suppliers and investors can trust you.

Because everything was chaotic, it’s possible that you had put little attention to how your workplace looks like as you hire more employees or add more furniture and equipment. For several years, it has been the way of doing things. Even less attention is now being poured on the workplace because of the continuous appearance of new problems, opportunities and challenges.

Well, time flies fast and your business has experienced significant growth and stability through the years. Whether you have a home office or a rented commercial space, indeed it has helped somehow in that growth. It’s the place where things happened and crucial decisions are made.

But as your business grows or evolves, it might make sense to take a fresh look at your workplace. For example, does it still reflect your current values and priorities? Does the design fit in with the modern times? Does the workplace provide enough space for you, your employees and your furniture and equipment?

Your answers to those questions might heavily influence your decision about the necessity of updating your workplace. This is a huge decision because it means letting go of the original appearance of your workplace. Moreover, this decision requires significant financial investments upfront. But the investment could be really worth it if the entire project was successfully pulled off.

Why it makes sense to upgrade your workplace

There are logical and emotional reasons for this. First, upgrading or updating the office might be necessary if the overall appearance and feel of the workplace is just outdated. It’s also possible that the colours don’t match or the workplace doesn’t communicate your values at all.

This is very important especially if your transactions now are getting bigger or the clients are now of high profile. It’s crucial to project an image that somehow matches their expectations. This way, they can immediately feel that your business is right for them (if you’re using the workplace to also meet your key suppliers and clients). In this modern and competitive age, every advantage or edge is important in getting ahead. Keep in mind that there are now more than 2 million small businesses in Australia. Each one is trying to get a bigger slice of the pie. Every year, expect more competitors to pop up as you conduct your business.

Upgrading your workplace is also important in raising productivity or giving more space to your expanding team. After all, we mentioned earlier that our work environment influences our creativity and mental performance. If our work environment inspires action and success, expect amazing results from yourself and your team.

Those are the logical reasons in essence. What about the emotional reasons? Whether we admit it or not, we often get attached to things that have accompanied us for years. It’s especially the case with your workplace where you’ve probably spent long hours in it for several years. However, this attachment can be overcome by the desire to evolve and move forward.

As you strive for the further growth and success of your business, you also want some other things to get along as well. Given enough time, there will be things in your life you want to remove or change because these details don’t match the current you at all. It’s like something’s off if things always remain the same. This can happen in your office or place of business because it doesn’t reflect who you are anymore.

What it takes to complete this kind of project

Both the logical and emotional reasons are important when deciding whether to pursue the update of your workplace. In every decision we make, often both our minds and emotions are at work.

But once you’ve decided, how much will it take to complete this kind of project? Of course you want to know the financial investment and the timeline required to give your office or place of business a new refreshing look.

To give you an idea, it’s great to consider the different requirements and details of upgrading a business premise:

  • Fitted office furniture to maximise the use of available space
  • Desks and tables for individual and collaborative work
  • The layout and design of the meeting room if you decide to have one
  • Provision for future business expansion and additional employees
  • Technical details such as sound insulation, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, electric and water utilities, phone and data cabling, waste management and energy efficiency
  • Decorative details (e.g. wall panelling, feature ceiling) to impress your clients
  • Counter units and coffee tables in your reception area

The technical, functional and decorative details are all important when planning the upgrade or estimating the costs. However, this list is still far from complete because each business premise has a unique set of requirements and constraints. But it’s a good start when trying to estimate the total costs of the entire project (and how long will it take).

A good start could be $500 per square metre in making an office get a new refreshing look. It’s just a very rough estimate because the costs could get a lot higher depending on your specific requirements. Also expect that the entire project might get completed after a few months. This means downtimes or operational interruptions can occur during the renovation or update. It’s possible that the contractors’ work can proceed without affecting your business operations. However, it’s still good to prepare for worst case scenarios so that you can still run your business smoothly.

It’s a significant investment that requires serious thinking. But it could all be worth it once you see the excellent results. This could be the sign of the rebirth of your business and the fresh appearance of the workplace might initialise revolutionary ideas that can take your company to new places.

In contrast, an “outdated” workplace might make you and your employees feel undervalued. It’s quite difficult to feel inspired if everything around you is subpar. It’s also difficult to focus on the things that matter when your attention always gets drained by an outdated workplace. Indeed, we should never underestimate the effect of our immediate environment to our drive and passion for success.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD), our commercial joinery experts can help give your workplace a refreshing and high-value appearance. Our experienced craftsmen can make your workplace better reflect your values and priorities.

Our range of project expertise includes the following:

  • Free standing or fitted office furniture designed for open office spaces or individual rooms
  • Commercial shelves, custom cabinets and bespoke storage facilities
  • All types of kitchen joinery from modern snack bars to traditional office canteens
  • Meeting rooms that maximize your convenience and comfort
  • Doors, staircases and separate spaces
  • Management suites, board tables, and all other joinery needs for your board room.
  • Wall panelling and feature ceilings
  • Advanced speaker cabinets, sound insulation systems, and seating facilities for the media suites
  • Desks, coffee tables, seating arrangements, and counter units for your reception area

We understand that no two projects are the same, which is why we always create tailored designs and solutions for each assignment. We thoroughly study the site and the client’s requirements. This way, the result will fit perfectly with client’s business and brand.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your vision about how your workplace should look like in these modern times. We work closely with Sydney’s most trusted designers and architects so that the entire result will look professional and consistent. Rest assured that everything will be made from the best materials. This way, every detail will stand the test of time as with your commitment to make your business thrive for years to come.

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