What Does It Take for a Complete Kitchen Renovation?

29 / May

When it comes to total kitchen makeover, you have to consider the costs, timeline, trades required and of course your lifestyle and preferences. To be safe and conservative, prepare at least $25,000 for the kitchen renovation.

To complete a kitchen remodel, the project may require at least 1 month (not including the design and planning phase). The timeline depends on the size of the kitchen and complexity of the project. For example, repositioning the plumbing would take extra days and the other aspects of the project won’t be able to proceed without it being completed first.

Trades required for kitchen remodelling

Each year, billions of dollars are spent in kitchen renovations in Australia. Expect a huge percentage of that to be attributed to labour costs. That’s because a single kitchen renovation project may require a whole team for it to be completed.

For example, you’ll require a kitchen cabinet maker, a dedicated builder (especially if it’s an open plan kitchen), tile installers, plumbers, lighting experts, painters and HVAC specialists (e.g. for better kitchen ventilation). You may also require dealing with an architect or interior designer if you want the best results according to your lifestyle and preference.

Perhaps you prefer transparency and minimalism for your kitchen. Or, you may want to have it a rustic vibe to make it feel more like a place to stay, relax and form a closer bond. To accomplish that, every part of your kitchen should reflect the theme and contribute to that desired overall atmosphere.

The cabinets, shelves, cupboards, vanities, wall units and other installations should all be in harmony. This is to achieve a consistent vibe and evoke the feeling that everything’s in its rightful place.

What does it take for a complete kitchen renovation?

Often, it’s a balance of the constraints and opportunities. The constraints may come from the timeline and costs. The opportunities often rely on the freedom of design and your preferences. With your vision and successful execution of the tradesmen, you can have a kitchen that better reflects your values.

Kitchen renovation is a complex project with a lot of moving parts. To make it easier for you (and guarantee an excellent outcome), here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD) we specialise in kitchen joinery (creation of stylish kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, cupboards, fittings and more). With our extraordinary craftsmanship and client focus, we’re able to complete dozens of projects for Sydney homeowners.

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