Outdoor Kitchen West Pennant Hills

We can build an alfresco kitchen that matches your lifestyle and requirements. Our team of craftsmen will make sure that it will be practical and complements the outdoor environment.

Outdoor kitchen West Pennant Hills

For more than 30 years we’ve been specialising in kitchen joinery. We’ve seen trends come and go but what remains constant is the need to make the kitchen functional and be truly an area for creating fun memories.

Here at SJD we always focus on the customers. Once we get to the site we instantly imagine the possibilities the area can offer. During the planning we listen carefully to our customers to pinpoint what they exactly want. During the construction, we select the best-quality materials and pay attention to every detail to make sure everything’s perfect and according to the customer’s ideas and requirements.

Custom kitchens West Pennant Hills

It’s crucial that the overall appearance and theme is tailored. After all, each homeowner has a unique set of requirements and preferences. Our team thoroughly studies those so that the homeowner will be pleased.

Although the kitchen cabinets, shelves, cupboards and everything in the kitchen look almost the same, what makes the total difference is how they were put together. It takes creativity and experience to make something unique out of the common materials and fixtures. It also takes experience to make sure everything is aligned with the customers’ tastes and requirements. It’s also important that the result will be practical because it’s a place where you’ll prepare delicious meals for your family and guests.

Contact us today here at SJD if you want an experienced team of craftsmen to make your ideas and plans come into reality. We will help you create a modern and practical kitchen that will truly be a place for gathering.

We service the entire area of West Pennant Hills including dwellings near Salisbury Downs Dr, Midara Pl, Highs Rd, Kylie Cres, George Thornton Reserve, Cumberland State Forest, Richard Webb Reserve and Koala Park Sanctuary.