Outdoor Kitchen Lane Cove

You want a bespoke kitchen that perfectly complements your outdoors, home and the natural vibe of Lane Cove? Here at Signature Joinery & Design our team of craftsmen will turn your ideas into reality. We’ll make sure every material and installation is perfect and long lasting.

Outdoor kitchen Lane Cove

When we design your alfresco kitchen we’ll analyse all variables and factors such as sun orientation, your home’s exterior design, the natural environment and vibe in your place and the neighbourhood as well as your preferences and lifestyle. We always aim to design and make a kitchen that perfectly reflects the customer’s vision and ideas.

For each project our craftsmen also think of the following:

  • The kitchen’s resulting workflow so food preparation is easier
  • How the cabinets, sink, backsplash, cook area, floor and the entire space will look perfect together (we only source from the most reputable suppliers and we can also custom-built many of the fixtures to further make the space personalised)
  • How natural and artificial lighting will flow through the space (including which aspects of the kitchen to highlight)

Whether your property is located near the Hughes Park, Cope St, Howell Ave, Austin St, Pottery Green Oval, Alpha Rd, Campbell Ave or Cogan Pl, we’ll make sure that the kitchen will enhance your entire property’s appeal and value (as well as complement the surrounding trees, streets and other structures).

Custom kitchens Lane Cove

The weather and the climate here have become extreme (and heat is becoming intolerable at some days). One factor is that Lane Cove is in an almost landlocked area (bodies of water, which helps regulate temperature, are a bit far). It’s especially the case in dense areas with several houses and buildings. Even in outdoor areas it can still feel uncomfortable.

Our team here at SJD will make sure that your alfresco kitchen will be comfortable for everyone, both day and night. We’ll carefully plan for the airflow, shading and rainfall so that the kitchen will always be a place to get together and have fun.

Contact us today if you want a practical and modern kitchen that will delight you, your family and guests. With our commitment to craftsmanship and total customer satisfaction, rest assured that the results will be elegant and excellent.