Outdoor Kitchen Gladesville

If you want to make your outdoor area a practical place for food preparation as well as a delightful site for gatherings, barbecues and everyday meals and dinner, contact us here at SJD and our craftsmen will ensure excellent results. We only use the highest quality materials and finishes as well as ensure the integrity of the installations of cabinets, benchtops, sinks, fridges, burners and other fixtures.

Outdoor kitchen Gladesville

In our design process we take note of the unique features of your landscape, the main structure of your home and the immediate surroundings to take advantage of the natural views (whether you’re near the Mars Ln, Nelson St, The Strand, The Priory, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Monash Park or Parramatta River Regional Park). We will also take note of the air flow, sun orientation and microclimate in the area.

The result will be a practical kitchen that perfectly complements the surroundings and the main structure of your home. Surely the area will become a place of delight for you, your family and guests. Whether it’s daytime or evening, the place will always feel functional and vibrant.

Because it’s an exterior structure, it’s crucial that the cabinets and benchtops are waterproof or water-resistant. We can install a benchtop for you that is made of granite or stainless steel. We will also apply additional measures to better protect your cabinets and other fixtures from damp air and high humidity levels.

Custom kitchens Gladesville

Perhaps you’ve already noticed several alfresco kitchens here in Gladesville and elsewhere. Aside from our minds focusing on those because we’re interested in outdoor kitchens, it has also become a natural trend to make use of the idle outdoor space and make it an area for barbecues, gatherings and normal dinners.

It’s also a great way of enhancing your home’s aesthetics and financial value. It even gets better if the entire project was handled by a team of professionals who prioritise craftsmanship, integrity and longevity. Most likely the outdoor structure will last for years which is why it’s important to get every detail perfect (including the placement of the benchtops, cabinets and appliances).

Contact us today here at SJD and our team of craftsmen will carefully design and plan the alfresco kitchen you want. Whether you’re near the Parramatta River or somewhere inland such as along the Gerrish St or Eltham St, we can design and build the ideal kitchen in your outdoor area.