Outdoor Kitchen Galston

Want a modern and practical outdoor kitchen for your Galston home? Our team of craftsmen here at SJD is ready to work with your ideas and visions. We’ll make sure everything is perfect and according to your requirements.

Outdoor kitchen Galston

We design and build custom kitchens in Galston and the entire Sydney. Our team ensures everything is up to the highest standards. We also make sure that the results will be modern, practical and stand the test of time.

For more than 30 years we’ve seen trends come and go. What we learned is that the alfresco kitchen should be practical and inspiring for both the residents and guests. This way the place will not just be a place to prepare food, but also to share and create new memories and laughter. We’re glad that our team has become a part of that for many families in Sydney.

Alfresco kitchen Galston

The result will seamlessly integrate with the home and surrounding environment. We’ll study carefully how everything goes together and how the end users and guests will use the kitchen area. We’ll also study how details fit together to create a consistent theme (including the choice and design of kitchen cabinets, cupboards, drawers, shelves and others). Custom-built products will be used so that the end result will truly reflect your lifestyle and preference.

During planning and construction we’ll make it a smooth experience so that we can all better focus on feeling the delight as the details of the kitchen unfold. We’ll work smoothly with other tradies and make sure details go precisely where they should be.

Contact us now here at SJD if you want a practical kitchen that will further enhance the appeal of your outdoors. We service the entire Galston including residential areas near Arcadia Rd, Mid Dural Rd, Galston Rd, Knights Rd, Bevans Rd, Crosslands, Fishburns Rd, Megan Rd and anywhere in the suburb. Aside from finally using that empty space, together we can create a new area that will further enhance your home’s value and that will be a place for gathering.