How to Make Your Workplace More Interesting to Your Staff

13 / June

Business managers are always busy coming up with ideas on how to improve productivity and get more results. Of course, the whole staff’s performance is the key to achieving that objective. But how can the staff perform well if the office is uninteresting and uninspiring in the first place?

To make your workplace more interesting and inspiring, perhaps the best approach is to make it feel more like home or more natural. That sentence summarises what you’ll read in many books and articles about the ideal workplace design. Those reading materials might mention anything about having leisure areas, making the place more exposed to sunlight or converting the place into something more vibrant. Whichever is the case, it all goes down to making the workplace feel more like home or natural.

How to make the office look & feel more natural

It doesn’t have to be a major remodel of the place (although in a few places that should be the case). That’s because just by adding a few wooden elements in the area you can already achieve a vibe close to nature.

Notice that whenever you’re in a place full of stainless steel and plastic you feel the area is sterile or serious. It feels all artificial because of the metals and polymers surrounding us. This effect even gets magnified because of the amount of time we spend on such places. For example, most employees may spend at least 8 hours each day in the workplace. As days go by the atmosphere gets boring and dull. The vibe also gets more serious and high pressure because of all the artificial things in the workplace.

On the other hand, a few wooden elements in the area can totally change the feel and atmosphere. For example, a wooden wall panelling can instantly make the place feel more natural. Moreover, it can also make the area more stylish and elegant. Wood materials often have that dual effect (natural and stylish) whether it’s at home or in commercial spaces.

Why wood always makes us feel safe and close to nature

It’s true that there are several materials now that can better replace wood in terms of durability and longevity. However, wood still has its unique appeal which is why many homeowners and other people choose wooden furniture, shelves and items for their residential and commercial areas.

Perhaps it’s already hardwired into our brain. Our ancestors saw wood primarily as a source of fire and heat. With wood they can cook their food and get warm whenever it’s cold. The wood and the fire can also be used for defending themselves against wild animals. The wood can even be used to build a shelter so our ancestors can be protected from the weather.

In other words, wood could mean safety and stability. Whether we realise it or not, we might be feeling safe whenever there’s a wood element around. Whether it’s a small wooden table or a feature ceiling, the presence of wood can signal strength, safety, stability and longevity.

It’s also possible that wooden items somehow have an “antique effect” that signals longevity. In the back of our minds we might be thinking that wooden objects can stand the test of time. As mentioned earlier, this might have something to do with how wood also signals stability.

What does this have to do with workplace design?

To make your workplace more interesting, it’s good to add a few wooden items so the employees will somehow feel stable and safe. The place also becomes less threatening because of how wood evokes the feeling of safety. And of course, wood adds elegance to any space. The place can become more interesting especially if there are unique and personalised wooden crafts in the area.

In fact, many home offices now have almost everything wooden. After all, the people owning the place might be spending most of their waking time inside the home office. They want the area to become a safe and inspiring place for them to work or study.

It seems there are limitations when it comes to design and make of wooden shelves, tables, chairs, board tables, wall panels, coffee tables, reception desks and modern snack bars. The good news is all those items can be heavily customised to fit your requirements, style and company image. Experienced craftsmen can execute your ideas and use the best wood materials to create the custom item you want.

Other ways to make your workplace more interesting

Aside from adding wooden elements, another way to create an interesting workplace is by adding bright and vibrant colours. This is a common advice but many people still ignore it. They don’t realise yet how colours can greatly affect mood and psychology.

For example, people wearing blue clothing seem more trustworthy and authoritative. On the other hand, people wearing orange or yellow seem more friendly and energetic. It’s a similar case with choosing the colour theme for offices.

Adding a touch of brown colour can make the office and company signal stability, history, relaxation and warmth. This effect can be readily noticed if there’s a wooden boardroom table at the centre of the area. It immediately signals stability and the rich history of the company.

On the other hand, adding a touch of orange colour in the workplace can add more energy to the area. That’s because orange often signifies creativity and enthusiasm. This might be a popular choice for tech startups or creatives who want to foster creation of fresh ideas.

It still depends on your company image and culture. After all, each detail should follow a common theme. All the details should remain consistent with the company values so the place will stay orderly and stable.

Another way to make the workplace more interesting and inspiring is by making it less seem like a workplace. It’s really difficult to get inspired if the area seems a place to get as much things as possible. These settings will actually stunt fresh ideas from your best employees. It might even also have an effect on their productivity because every day they won’t be looking forward to going to work. It’s just another place to do boring things.

How to make a huge positive impact

You and your team deserve something much better when it comes to how your workplace looks. After all, all of you spend most of your waking time inside the workplace. You might as well make it look the best so you’ll always be inspired to get to work.

It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment because you can just start with adding a wooden desk or table in your workplace. You can then assess if it’s really worth it to make more things wooden in your area. Then, you can make everything customised so each item and furniture will better reflect your preference and company culture.

To make something more interesting requires choosing uniqueness over convention. If you see your workplace as just any other office you’ve visited in the past, perhaps it’s now the right time to break away from tradition and put something unique and customised in your workplace.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD), we can create custom joinery solutions (fitted office furniture, modern snack bars, boardroom tables, management suites, wall panelling, feature ceilings, desks, tables and more) to make your workplace appear unique and more inspiring to the whole team.

Our experienced craftsmen begin with the client’s vision and requirements. Using the best materials, our commercial joinery experts will create durable and elegant furniture and other wooden items for your workplace. These items and add-ons will be sure to stand out and provide a better sense of safety and stability to the area.

Over the years, we have already handled several custom joinery projects in Sydney. We’ve already worked with architects and interior designers so everything in the workplace appears consistent and elegant. Our licensed and insured craftsmen can execute your idea while thinking of how it will complement your existing space. We always promptly complete all joinery work (locally manufactured) at the best rate and quality.

Call us today at 02 9625 0282 and let’s discuss your vision and idea. Together we can add more interest and uniqueness to your workplace. It will then become more than just a place to work, but also a place to contribute and have a life.

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