How to Make Your Reception Area More Inviting to Customers

14 / May

First impressions last and that might start with how your business reception area looks like. After all, it’s similar to how a storefront works. The goal is to establish trust and possibly display elegance. This way, the reception area (the frontage) will create or solidify a positive impression.

How to accomplish that? Every detail should be about building trust and reinforcing the company’s values. After all, once people formed their first impressions, they would just look for or accept information that support those impressions.

1. The eyes should be drawn automatically to the reception area

This is one of the primary principles. It’s similar to setting the person’s default behaviour. Once people enter your office or building, they should be naturally guided to the reception area and desk. Don’t make them think and ask questions. The design of the reception area should automatically attract and guide the people’s eyes.

We can achieve this by making the reception desk contrast with the surroundings. Another way to accomplish this is by adding accent lights. People are naturally drawn to sources of light. Even if we look away, the accent lights will naturally get our attention.

2. Make it welcoming and approachable

Humans can find the smallest reason for avoiding something (or not doing something). Perhaps the person realised more important things are on way. Or, the place is just intimidating or it doesn’t encourage enquiry and positive behaviour.

Back then you might have changed your mind about approaching someone or something. It might have all changed if the place or person is more approachable or welcoming. It’s the same case with business reception areas. Aside from truly inviting the people to come over, the reception area should also encourage enquiry and reinforce positive feelings about the company.

How to achieve that? There should be minimal obstructions on the way to the reception desks and chairs. This is where minimalism could also work. If there are minimal obstructions, people might be drawn more to the place you’re guiding them.

3. Add a statement with feature ceiling and wall panelling

People have seen it all. To stand out, you must give them something remarkable.

Well, reception areas used to be plain and ordinary. After all, it only has a functional purpose back then. Also, reception areas (including the desk and chairs) were expected to look like something.

But now the reception area is also an opportunity to showcase something more. Your area and business can stand out by adding a feature ceiling and/or wall panelling. It will make the place remarkable so people will remember it more.

Make your reception area more inviting and professional

Designing and building the reception area could cost thousands of dollars. Managers see it as an investment and another opportunity to impress people and make the place more trustworthy.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD) we create feature ceilings and wall panels so your reception area appears more inviting, unique, professional and trustworthy. Contact us today and we’ll create a custom plan just for your business.Make your reception area more inviting by having a custom feature ceiling and/or wall panelling. This is to create a solid positive impression to customers.

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