Make Meeting Rooms More Inspiring to Boost Creativity

5 / May

How to make meeting rooms more inspiring? It’s the place where critical decisions are made and strategy formulation is happening. What can we do to make each meeting productive, inspiring and successful?

Let’s discuss how to make that a reality. After all, managers and employees may spend up to 33% of their work time at the meeting room. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make it neat & minimalist

What’s the purpose of a meeting? Often it’s to come up with a decision. Anything besides that is just a distraction.

For instance, some meeting rooms have dangling cords and unreliable sound systems. Instead of just getting on with the meeting, the staff often spends at least 30 minutes to fix the initial problems. That’s equal to combined several hours of loss productivity among all the attendees of the meeting.

That’s why many meeting rooms have a minimalist style. They often have just a long wooden table, comfortable chairs, media suites and a screen to project PowerPoint presentations. This way, the attendees could immediately focus on the meeting’s agenda.

2. Choose blue or orange colour theme

Blue and its shades have a calming effect to the senses. On the other hand, orange evokes a feeling of energy and activity.

As a result, “blue” meeting rooms may encourage a smoother negotiation (especially important when meeting with a client or supplier). Orange meeting rooms may facilitate a more active discussion and brainstorming among key employees.

The chosen colour may also depend on the overall design theme of the company or office. It’s recommended to stay consistent so the meeting room won’t stand out much. Remember that anything besides decision-making is just a distraction.

3. Choose a long wooden rectangular table

To come up with a solid decision faster, someone has to take charge. A person sitting at the center end will help accomplish that. The effect of a long rectangular table is putting someone in charge and making him/her the “spoke” where ideas and discussions revolve.

In contrast, a round table makes everyone gain equal responsibilities and “air time.” This is still ideal for some types of meetings such as huddles or quick updates on the project. A good round table may also encourage informal discussions that could eventually lead to breakthrough ideas.

Make meeting rooms more inspiring

Inspiration often comes if we’re focusing on a single task for a significant amount of time. This is especially the case during meetings when people exchange information and ideas to come up with a decision.

The meeting room and the environment has an impact on how that happens. That’s why managers are careful to choose the design of the meeting room including which custom furniture pieces to include.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD), we create custom boardroom tables and management suites for offices and businesses. Through the years, our craftsmen have successfully completed projects according to the set timeline and budget (while still practicing top craftsmanship).

Contact us today and let’s discuss your vision and requirements.

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