How to Make Your Kitchen More Environment Friendly & Lovable

21 / April

You don’t have to spend $30,000 to make your kitchen more environment friendly. Just a few simple changes can drastically lower VOC percentages and reduce the harmful impact to the environment. Here are a few changes you can make:

1. Choose green wood finishing & paints

Aldehydes and other volatile organic compounds are often present in conventional lacquer, varnishes and other types of finishes. These substances may cause respiratory irritation and other health problems.

That’s why many homeowners choose water-based finishes (or natural oils and waxes) to reduce the risk. After all, you and your family will be using the kitchen every day. The daily exposure to the finishes may or may not affect your health.

It’s important to ask the craftsmen who will create and install the kitchen cabinets, benchtops, tables and other wooden pieces of your kitchen about the wood finishing to be used. You can then explore your options and balance the tradeoffs.

2. Make benchtops & cabinets more chemically resistant

Many types of finishes and paints with VOCs offer excellent chemical resistance and protection. Some homeowners might have mistakenly chosen this option without being aware of the tradeoffs.

Good thing is many eco-friendly finishes and wood materials also offer excellent protection against water, moisture and spills. Aside from excellent protection, chemical resistance will make the surfaces easier to clean. This will prevent you from scraping off the finishing or using harsh disinfectants and cleaners.

3. Choose wood shelves & glass containers

Wood shelves are also sturdy as their metal counterparts. In addition, you can choose customised pieces to better complement your preferences and kitchen design. Experienced craftsmen can create a unique wooden shelf that will better store and display your kitchen items.

To take it a step further, many homeowners use glass containers instead of plastic ones to store ingredients. Glass containers last long while still being safe for everyone (no chemicals leached into the ingredients). In addition, glass containers make the contents more visible. This can add more beauty and variety to your kitchen displays.

Make your kitchen more environment friendly & safer

There are other ways to make your kitchen safer and more eco-friendly. Good news is you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish that. You can just update your kitchen cabinets or put a few additional wood shelves.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design we can create custom wood shelves and cabinets for your kitchen. You can ask us about the pros and cons of each finishing and wood material. We can balance all the constraints so we could still achieve your vision and meet your requirements. You can call us today at 02 9625 0282.

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