Custom Wood Wardrobe for Couples to Optimise Space

25 / October

Planning to have a custom wood wardrobe for couples? Why choose custom in the first place? One main reason is that customisation can help optimise the space. In addition, a custom wardrobe will perfectly fit the couple’s lifestyle, needs and preference.

The need for customisation

Different rooms and homes have varying dimensions and interior designs. Often, it’s difficult to find a wardrobe that is perfectly suited for a particular room. There could be a gap in dimensions. Or the design of the wardrobe and the room doesn’t just complement each other.

Moreover, couples often have varying needs and preferences. A couple might need a wardrobe that extends from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. Another couple might need a wardrobe that occupies as little space as possible to give way for their other belongings and furniture.

That’s why many couples now often request for a custom wood wardrobe specifically built for them. They’ll be able to request for a wardrobe with specific dimensions, compartments and designs best suited for their needs and lifestyles.

Professionals building custom wood wardrobes

Building wood wardrobes is a meticulous craft that requires expertise. After all, there are different wood materials that require specific treatments. In addition, every detail matters in wood wardrobes. It’s a long-term investment that you’ll use for many years to come.

The skill and art of building wood structures and furniture often require expertise in wood joinery. It’s the joining of the pieces of wood to create a more complicated wooden structure. It often involves the use of adhesives, bindings and fasteners.

Professional joinery carpenters such as here in Signature Joinery & Design are meticulous in every detail including how to use the adhesives and bindings. They also work carefully with the main wood to ensure the integrity and strength of the wood wardrobe. They also spend extra time in the finishing details to ensure the whole wardrobe is built according to the couple’s vision and specifications.

Custom wood wardrobe for couples

If you need a customised wardrobe for your room, you can contact us here at Signature Joinery & Design. We are woodworking experts who have extensive experience in working with Sydney couples, individuals, families and even business owners. Call us today at 02 9625 0282.

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