Why Have a Custom Wood Feature Ceiling?

7 / February

A custom wood feature ceiling will add more life and sophistication to your home. You can transform that boring area into a more exciting one just by adding a few details.

How can you achieve that? One way is to ask wood joinery experts to do it for you. They can create a simple or elaborate wood feature ceiling that best reflects your lifestyle and personality. It’s a highly recommended way of transforming one of the most neglected spaces of your home.

Why many homeowners already have a feature ceiling?

First, this additional feature alone will maximise the utility of your ceiling. Back then ceilings are plain and boring. But now the ceilings even serve as the highlight of a living room (or just the hallway).

Even as simple as a few blocks of wood can instantly add sophistication and more life to your ceiling. Others have feature ceilings with more elaborate designs (e.g. geometric or intricate patterns around the edges).

In addition, it’s a relatively small investment compared to the instant elegance added to your home. Also, you can choose among a wide variety of designs or even create a design of your own. You can discuss your ideas with the joinery professionals. They can then tell you the costs, constraints and possibilities.

How professionals make it a reality

It all starts with your vision. Then, wood joinery experts will examine the site where the feature will be placed. They will also take note of your home’s overall colour, theme, dimensions and layout.

After that they could suggest more possibilities using your idea as reference. The goal is to optimise style and functionality using the constraints while working with your vision.

Next is about the choice of wood material (oak, timber, cherry) and finishing. The choice largely depends on your preference, costs and the area’s existing design. The resulting feature should become a visual highlight while still complementing the home’s overall feel.

Custom wood feature ceiling

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, we build and install feature ceilings as requested by our clients (both residential and commercial). Our client-focused joinery experts have already worked with numerous homeowners, business owners, interior designers and architects. Whether it’s a new or established home, we can work with your requirements.

Contact us today and we’ll make your Sydney home more sophisticated.

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