Why Custom Wall Mounted Bookshelves are Popular Now?

20 / December

Custom wall mounted bookshelves maximise the available space and perfectly fit the existing room design. In contrast, common bookshelves bought from stores lack the personalisation and optimisation.

Whether it’s for the home office, the bedroom or a mini-library, custom-made bookshelves will further enhance the look of the area. This is especially the case if expert joinery carpenters have built the shelf for you.

Bookshelves that optimise the available space

Rooms and homes have different layouts and floor area. That’s why many individuals and families choose customised wooden fixtures for their homes. In this case, the wooden fixture will “work around” your room’s design and area instead of re-arranging all your items so just the new shelf will fit.

This way, there’s minimal re-configuration of the room. The bookshelf will be designed and built according to the available space. In addition, it will be designed according to the number and size of books you will place.

Bookshelves that perfectly complement the interior design

Aside from space optimisation, the resulting design is also important to get the most value out of the bookshelf. Take note that you’ll be using and seeing the bookshelf for the years to come. It should perfectly complement the design of your room or home office.

Joinery professionals examine the area’s current design before designing the bookshelf. They take note of the colours, layout and orientation of the room. They also do some measurements to ensure the correct dimensions of the resulting bookshelf.

Then, they could create the initial design with the partitions already drawn. You can then request for modifications as you see fit. You can also tell about your objectives and the items you’ll place on the shelves. The joinery professionals could then apply those changes and start building.

Custom wall mounted bookshelves Sydney

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, our client-focused joinery professionals create personalised bookshelves that perfectly fit with the home office or any room. We prioritise the goal and preferences of the homeowner in each project we do.

If you need a custom wall mounted bookshelf, you can contact us today and let’s discuss your ideas and vision.


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