Why Custom Speaker Enclosures are Ideal for Media Suites

30 / January

Custom speaker enclosures improve sound quality and even add to the visual aesthetics of a room. This is especially the case with media suites either in homes or offices.

How do speaker cabinets and boxes improve sound quality? Basically they reduce the level of sound distortion by preventing interaction between the forward and rearward sounds. Enclosures also have different functions such as managing vibration and heat.

Aesthetic value of enclosures

Advanced speaker cabinets often complete a modern media suite. Aside from improving sound quality (making the sounds a bit more real and natural), the cabinets will also perfectly complement the suite’s overall design. This is even more pronounced when the cabinets are custom built.

Some people choose to mount the speakers on the walls instead of enclosing them in boxes. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to the place or it’s the preference of the end user. Many people choose the enclosures still because of the sound and aesthetic benefits.

How to complete your media suite

Your media suite should best reflect your style and personality. That’s why it’s good that every furniture in it is custom built. Aside from personalisation, this ensures optimisation of the use of the space (and just the right fit with the speakers).

That’s why many homeowners request for custom speaker cabinets. In addition, the media suite should also have excellent sound insulation systems. This way the users won’t worry about the noise and fully enjoy the entertainment experience.

This also applies to business offices and meeting rooms. It’s recommended that the sounds are of high quality to better encourage listening. Even the entertainment media suites in a few offices should have good sound insulation (for better enjoyment and freedom).

Custom speaker enclosures Sydney

In summary, advanced and custom speaker cabinets will improve sound quality and add aesthetic value to a room. These cabinets can be made from a variety of wood materials and finishing. You can choose the results that show rich texture (strong wood graining) or that blend nicely with your existing furniture.

If you think custom speaker cabinets will add value to your space, contact us here today at Signature Joinery & Design. You can tell us your idea and requirements. Our highly qualified craftsmen will then work with you, your architect or interior designer.

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