How Custom Small Bathroom Vanities Add Style & Functionality

15 / January

Custom small bathroom vanities add style and functionality by making the best use of the space. Aside from serving as a main focal point of the bathroom, these vanities are sure to be useful to both the guests and residents.

Why choose custom?

First, bathrooms have different layouts and dimensions. The positioning of the doors and other bathroom fixtures also differ greatly from one bathroom to another. As a result, many purchased vanities don’t often fit or complement the home’s bathroom.

That’s why many homeowners now opt to have vanities customised according to their requirements. This way, the furniture will perfectly complement the design of the bathroom. In addition, the space will be maximised and be put to better use.

How professionals build a custom vanity?

Professionals consider several things before designing and building the furniture. These things include:

  • Colour theme and overall layout of the bathroom
  • Placement of the vanity (e.g. will it be near the doors?)
  • Is the path clear after placing the bathroom vanity?
  • Is it proportional to the overall size of your bathroom?
  • With or without a top? (the vanity can just be a simple cabinet without top sink)

You as the homeowner would also state your requirements and preferences. Maybe you just want a minimalist vanity that better reflects your personality. You could also choose a vanity with glass panels (this increases visual space).

There are also different wood materials for building vanities. For example, plywood is affordable and ideal for basic vanities. But if you want your vanity to have the sturdy and natural feel, it’s good to choose solid wood (although it’s pricey).

You as the homeowner would consider the design, functionality and the price. Wood joinery professionals (such as here at Signature Joinery & Design) would carefully study your requirements. They would also discuss the available options so you’ll know the possibilities.

Custom small bathroom vanities Sydney

Here at Signature Joinery & Design you can tell us your ideas about the bathroom vanity you want to be real. We can then examine your bathroom’s design, dimensions and layout. We will then provide you with options (wood material, finishing, colour, overall shape and design, size of drawers, with or without top sink).

Contact us today and our experienced joinery professionals will be ready to work with you, your architect or interior designer.

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