How to Choose Wood Cabinet Makers in Sydney

29 / November

Professional wood cabinet makers should be updated with the latest trends and standards regarding wood cabinetry and joinery. They should be able to execute your idea and concept while in line with the trends in material, colour, design and finishes.

For example, many homes now have glass-front cabinets and darker wood shades. These provide contrast and clarity with the contents inside. These allow you to showcase your glass wares, collectibles and other items.

Start from scratch or have a design already?

Aside from keeping up with the trends, cabinet makers should also be able to execute your idea. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you already have an initial design, they should know how to build your vision and if possible improve on it.

For instance, you want a dark kitchen cabinet with glass front above your counter and stove. You want to keep it minimalist while emphasising elegance. The professional cabinet maker will examine your concept. He will then recommend improvements to better complement your present kitchen design. In addition, he should also consider the convenient height of the kitchen cabinet and its shelving.

Collaborating with architects and interior designers

Aside from the actual skill and expertise of the cabinet builders, you should also consider their existing relationships and work attitudes with architects and interior designers. This is to ensure a smooth workflow and project success.

Experienced cabinet builders and joinery carpenters are likely to have worked with dozens of architects and interior designers. You might want to ask your interior designer for a recommendation. This way, the work gets easier and there’s a better chance of meeting your project timeline (and avoid overspending or unexpected expenses down the road).

Wood cabinet makers Sydney

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, we have built strong professional relationships with Sydney architects and interior designers. We’ve collaborated on dozens of projects for cabinet building and installation and full kitchen remodelling.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your concept and idea. If you don’t have an initial idea yet, we can also give you concepts to start from.

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