Why Choose Custom Wooden Bathroom Vanities?

15 / November

Why choose custom wooden bathroom vanities? First, these will perfectly fit your bathroom’s existing design and your personality. Second, these custom vanities will help optimise functionality and your available space.

But let’s admit it. It’s mainly for aesthetics and appearance. After all, how something looks often has a greater impact than how it works. All vanities have roughly the same functionality. The only difference is how they look and how they make the bathroom even more elegant and beautiful.

Plain, simple, modern or traditional vanities?

It depends on the theme and overall design of your home and bathroom. It’s recommended to stay consistent if you want to achieve unity and cohesion when it comes to your home interior design.

If you have a minimalist home (this is very popular among young professionals), it’s good to have a plain and simple bathroom vanity. This will complement your lifestyle. It won’t be a distraction and instead become a natural part of your home.

On the other hand, traditional homes (especially with lots of natural wood elements) often demand traditional vanities as well. It’s common to see vanities with a darker tone of wood in these houses. In addition, these vanities might have complex patterns and ornate details that make them unique.

What about function?

Design actually has a lot to do with function. After all, the design goes beyond how it looks. It’s somehow also about how it works.

For example, the number of drawers affect both the design and function. Some homeowners prefer a lot of small drawers because they have a lot of various items to put there. Some prefer few large drawers which can be a lot cleaner to look at.

The knobs and handles also affect both design and functionality. Knobs can be more common in traditional wood vanities. However, the whole design should be considered before choosing whether knobs or handles to pull out the drawers.

Custom wooden bathroom vanities

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, our experienced craftsmen have worked on both traditional and modern vanities. They have built unique bathroom vanities that best reflect each homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. Contact us today if you want an elegant custom bathroom vanity for your home.

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