Why Choose Custom Round Dining Tables?

23 / January

Custom round dining tables will perfectly fit your space and dining area’s design. This is important if you want to make each object complement one another in terms of style.

Perhaps you’ve already spent some time looking for that perfect table for your kitchen or dining room. But the task seems impossible because your space is unique. Maybe you intentionally have it that way to better reflect your lifestyle and personality.

The advantages of custom round tables

First, the results will be your own. You made the decision which is probably affected by your taste and the area’s current design. For example, the dining area’s colour theme is white and light brown. The table then should align with that theme (table should be light brown and chairs are white, or vice versa).

Other advantages of custom round dining tables are as follows:

  • Round shapes occupy less visual space
  • Available in a wide variety of wood materials, finishes and even the design of the legs
  • Can be further customised according to the area’s design
  • Round shapes suggest movement (gives a bit more energy to a room)
  • Signify equality
  • Round dining tables are often the centre of visual interest

These advantages were early recognised by both the homeowners and interior designers. Indeed, round tables have their own unique appeal compared to rectangular and square ones.

Why choose wood?

Wood provides the feeling of nature in any space. In this modern age of metal and artificial objects, people now crave for nature and outdoors. You can satisfy this craving by putting some wood objects in your home (especially in the dining area).

Aside from the feeling of nature, wood also provides a sense of stability. That’s why companies often have wood panels in their reception areas. They also have wood boardroom tables that signify stability, heritage and elegance.

You can also choose from a wide variety of wood materials and finishes. For example, dining tables made from solid oak have a deep natural grain (the visual and tactile texture). Cherry wood on the other hand shows soft lines and curves (which makes the graining a little less obvious).

Custom round dining tables Sydney

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, we’ve already built custom round tables for homeowners and businesses. We use the highest quality of wood while applying the highest level of craftsmanship.

Contact us today and tell us your ideas. We can then go to your site and further hone your vision to perfectly match your home’s interior.

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