Why Choose Commercial Wood Shelving Over Metal Ones?

5 / June

It’s true that metal shelves offer strength and durability. They’re the ones most commonly found in shops offering different products such as clothes, medicines and grocery items. In many business offices metal shelves are also common when storing and placing paper files.

Good news is many business owners and managers still choose commercial wood shelving. When it comes to strength and durability, there are wood materials that can somehow match the metals’ properties. In addition, wooden shelves can make some items stand out because of the added elegance of wood.

Customisation to stand out and maximise space

Metal shelves are readily available (in fact you can order online). However, these pieces might not be the ideal shelves for your business or workplace. After all, these are produced for the masses (with no sufficient consideration to the special requirements of individual businesses).

But with customised wooden shelving, the optimal dimensions and overall design (e.g. height of the spaces between decks) could be achieved. This could result to optimal placement and positioning of your products. In offices, this could also mean a neater arrangement of the staff’s files.

Aside from pure wooden shelving, many managers also request for a hybrid of metal and wood for shelves. This can be achieved by using steel as the frame while the decks are still wooden. With this it’s possible to take advantage of the steel’s strength and the wood’s elegance.

Whichever you choose, it’s recommended to consider the function, design and the shelves’ durability. Aside from preventing safety hazards, functional and stylish shelves often become fixtures in stores and business offices. In addition, these shelves have also become fixtures in many kitchens and home offices.

Commercial wood shelving or other options?

If you decided for wood shelves, you can contact us here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD). Aside from custom wooden shelves, our commercial joinery experts can also create strong and stylish fitted office furniture, board tables, management suites, modern snack bars and coffee tables for your business.

Our experienced craftsmen have already completed several residential and commercial projects in Sydney. You can call us today at 02 9625 0282 or browse some of our completed projects.

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