Your Choices When Designing a Kitchen

15 / May

When you’re in the process of wanting to design or redesigning a new kitchen for your family home
or investment property, it helps to know what choices you have in front of you so that you’re as
prepared as possible to consult with your kitchen manufacturer or custom joiner. There are also a
few basic design principles you’ll want to consider, like function, style and ergonomics. Once you
have given these all due attention, your kitchen manufacturer or custom joiner will be able to walk
you through his portfolio of options, and you’ll be able to select something that you know will make
your kitchen look and feel great and fulfil its purpose.


Choosing the right materials, you want to use in your new kitchen is one of the most important steps
on the road to the perfect kitchen. Whether you want to tie in the existing oak timber floorboards
with your new cupboard doors and cabinetry, or instead create that modern look you saw in a
magazine with gloss finish to all your doors and cabinets, finishing it off with a nice stone benchtop.
Its important to know the look you want to achieve as the materials you will be using will help create
that. Here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD) our portfolio shows a variety of kitchens with different materials used and how they tie in with the current environment or room.


Picking the right look and style of your new kitchen takes a lot of time and research, as some may
want it to tie in with the existing area and materials, while others may want their kitchen to stand
out and have a bold look about it. Space will play a large factor in this also, as your kitchen imprint
will be key to the overall style. In most circumstances, once we know the required space we are
working with, we’ll be able to gauge an idea of the style you wish to create, while also presenting
other fundamental ideas to help with your overall desired look.


The ergonomics of your kitchen also plays a huge part in the design and styling of your kitchen aa
usability and function became an important factor. This can include things like having handles or no

handles on cabinetry, the idea of maybe pushing to open a cupboard door or maybe you want a
drawer to open or close with a single tap. Are you a tall or short person, the height of your benchtop
may be a custom item for you. The ergonomic functions of your kitchen will undoubtedly
complement the style to a large degree, even providing the finishing touch to your overall design in
some circumstances, so taking the right time and choosing carefully is key.


Accessibility functions determine how easy your kitchen is to use for children or the physically
impaired. This is quite important to work out in the initial designing of your kitchen, as you will need
to consider your surroundings and also the people whom will be entering into your kitchen at any
given time, especially if you have children living in your home or are caring for someone with a
disability. Ask us about safe options for kitchen design that are stylish and suit the whole family. An
accessible kitchen often includes unique design elements that can save you headache in the long
run: think push-to-open drawers and magnetic clips that result in less spills, easier-to-reach kitchen
implements and harder-to-reach knives and stovetops.

For all kitchen design or manufacturing requirements, please give us a call on 029625 0282. With our
wealth of experience and quality under our belt, the team at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD) are
more than happy to help.

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