3 Trends in Bespoke Wooden Dressing Tables

20 / November

Bespoke wooden dressing tables are getting popular because of the need for personalisation. After all, bedroom designs and homeowners’ needs vary across different families and individuals. The wooden dressing tables should also vary for perfect fit and greater personalisation.

If you’re planning to have a customised dressing table for your bedroom, here are 3 trends to take note:

1. Minimal wood graining

Many homeowners want wood dressing tables because of its natural and warm feel. However, some of them don’t want too much wood graining (the texture look of the wood) because it seems distracting and cluttered.

That’s why joinery carpenters choose the appropriate wood and cut for minimal graining. For the critical surfaces, they choose the cut with fewer distracting elements. This way the dressing table will look neat and clean. This is especially crucial in tables that have a light wooden colour or finish.

2. Several small drawers below

This is for functionality and clear compartmentalisation. You can separate the everyday items from seldom used ones. You can place the everyday items such as combs, makeup and perfumes at the top drawers (or just on the table surface).

However, small drawers provide less flexibility in placing your beauty items. This is in contrast with huge drawers with more depth and length. You can place different items without much worry about the fit and arrangement.

3. Frosted glass fronts for top cabinets

This is another trend for dressing tables with cabinets on the top sides. The frosted glass fronts provide a blurred view of the contents inside. Also, the frosted glass itself provides a texture to your wooden dressing table.

You can choose to have big cabinets and big glass fronts to further emphasise the glass. This could be a very good addition to your bedroom especially if you’re creating a unique ambiance. In addition, the frosted glass could provide contrast with the centre mirror at the middle of your dressing table.

Bespoke wooden dressing tables Sydney

Made-to-order dressing tables are popular because they provide customisation and more flexibility. You can initialise a design that better reflects your needs and personality. You can also ask the joinery carpenters to create a concept that complements your current bedroom design.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD), many Sydney homeowners contact us to build their personalised dressing tables, cabinets, breakfast bars, dining suites and home office shelves and desks. Our expert joinery carpenters prioritise the client’s vision during each project.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your concept.

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