3 Office Canteen Design Ideas That Will Inspire Your Staff

16 / April

Awesome office canteen ideas often have a nice blend of function and aesthetics. Similar to the main workplace, there should be a smooth “workflow” when employees are about to have their lunch or snack. In addition, the whole canteen should look warm and inviting. After all, employees still spend a significant amount of time there.

In fact, some managers pay equal attention to the actual workplace, canteen and leisure areas of the staff. That’s because every detail matters in building a coherent image. Moreover, the whole environment has a huge effect in productivity. Even the office canteen can prime employees for inspiration and further success.

To accomplish that, here are a few design ideas that will make the office canteen inspiring and inviting:

1. Make the place go beyond eating

Have you heard amazing things about shower thoughts? It seems bright ideas pop up when we’re doing anything besides work. When our minds are away from work, the best ideas come because we still have background mental processes in place.

This could be similarly applied when eating or just gathering in the office canteen. Often, smart people still discuss things about work while on break. Sometimes the discussion may even become more productive than in the meeting rooms.

That’s why it’s also good to encourage healthy discussions in canteens. You can accomplish this by providing an adequate space for everyone to stay and feel comfortable. There should also be adequate seating and moving spaces so people can better focus on their thoughts and ideas.

2. Add a modern snack bar

There are times when an employee just requires a short break to recharge and step away from work a bit. A snack bar in the corner of the office canteen can provide that.

Employees may quickly pick up a chocolate bar or biscuits and then be done with the break. That’s why the snacks should be easily accessible and arranged in a neat manner. A nice wooden shelf or rack can help accomplish that. In addition, it’s also recommended to include healthy snacks as much as possible. This will encourage employees to become more health-conscious. This in turn will actually help them improve their productivity and focus.

3. Make it feel natural by adding wood elements & using daylighting

Gradually we’ve been losing sight and touch of nature as a result of modern living. Workspaces now appear to be all metal and artificial lighting is dominating our visibility.

Office canteens can bring back our contact with nature. We can add a few wood elements (wood panels, tables, chairs, feature ceilings, snack bars) to make the canteen feel more natural. We can also take advantage of daylighting (bigger windows, transparent areas) so sunlight will come in. This will also bring back the nature while also giving a view of the outside.

Making office canteen design ideas a reality

We can execute those design ideas here at Signature Joinery & Design (SJD). Our expert craftsmen will use excellent wood materials to create functional and beautiful snack bars, panels, tables, chairs and other essential objects in the canteen.

You can tell us your vision and requirements. We can then inspect the site to ensure the creation will blend in with the place. Contact us today and our commercial joinery experts will handle the project.

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