3 Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

2 / March

Outdoor kitchen design ideas can inspire you or take a design and make modifications on it. You can then come up with a unique idea that best reflects your lifestyle and personality. Here are the ideas you can begin with:

1. Put an oak ceiling to contrast with metal counters

Wood is known to provide a warm contrast against metallic surfaces. Also, wood can further provide a natural feeling to your kitchen (the feeling of being outdoors and close to nature).

Aside from warmth, wood is also known to provide a sense of stability. Families, children and guests can feel safe and secure while on the outdoor kitchen. They can also feel warm and welcomed whenever you use the kitchen to prepare something for them.

2. Consider a rooftop kitchen for grilling

This will give you, your family and guests with a nice view of the landscape and your community. A rooftop kitchen will also make your lovely home memorable compared to the rest.

Although this could be more expensive (or it requires additional space to achieve that), some homeowners still prefer this because of its unique value. In addition, a rooftop kitchen is truly something to be proud of.

3. Have a kitchen that has a “flow”

Modern kitchens often have a theme (this applies to both outdoor and indoor kitchens). For instance, many kitchens now have a minimalist style (e.g. stainless steel surfaces all throughout). Some kitchens may evoke a transparency and an expanding visual space (can be achieved through transparent glass surfaces).

Some outdoor kitchens have a subtle theme though. One amazing example is the placement of all things fire and heat to the left side and the cold and ice at the right side. From hot to cold the flow is from left to right.

The oven and grill will be placed on the left while the refrigerator and ice maker is on the right. Aside from adhering to a theme, this is also practical and strategic. The outdoor kitchen workflow will be much smoother.

Outdoor kitchen design ideas

You can choose one of the ideas above or combine them as you see fit. The key is to make sure the resulting outdoor kitchen matches your requirements and closely aligns with your lifestyle and personality.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, we can turn your vision into reality. We can discuss your idea and we’ll procure the best wood materials and fabricate your dream design. We’ve already worked with Sydney homeowners, architects and interior designers to create a custom kitchen (whether new or remodelled).

Contact us today and tell us your requirements. We can start with your idea and you can request modifications or additions as we go along.

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