3 Kitchen Organisation Ideas for Better Flow & Elegance

14 / May

A well-organised kitchen is said to be clutter-free while allowing the user work efficiently and smoothly when preparing meals. Also, the kitchen is pleasing to the eyes especially to the visitors.

What makes a well-organised kitchen then? Let’s explore the following kitchen organisation ideas to give you some inspiration:

1. Use handrails and hooks

Pots and pans take a lot of volume. In addition, their varying shapes and dimensions can make the kitchen a chaotic place for everyone. That’s why we have to take care of this first. We should put the big items in their proper places and then we can worry about the smaller stuff.

How to best organise pots and pans? Stacking them together might not help much in achieving a neat look. Moreover, when it’s time for you to use one it will be a headache to pick the appropriate pan or pot from the stack.

One way to make it all easier is by using handrails (with hooks on the rail). This way you can easily just get a pan or pot whenever you need. Also, it’s a great space-saver because you’re taking advantage of the wall (an often neglected space).

2. Install kitchen cabinets with pot lid organisers

The huge round lids also take up a lot of space in the kitchen. They also present a lot of inconvenience when it’s time for you to use them. Each day you’ll pick up the lid and then put it back after washing. The hassles will add up and also these things will clutter your kitchen.

To make your setup neat, it’s good to have wooden peg racks where you can put the lids sideways (while having some kind of a partition between them). This way, you can line up the lids vertically thereby making them occupy less space.

To make the workflow a bit smoother, place the handrails (discussed above) and the pot lid organisers for easy access. This is the general principle in organising kitchens which is placing the things that are often used together within proximity.

3. Install hooks behind cabinet doors

A common home kitchen can have up to 50 (sometimes 100) different items in it. There are those pots, pans and lids that occupy the most space. There are also those small things such as rags, gloves and cleaning supplies that could be scattered around.

To remove the clutter from the sink area while still having access to those items, it’s good to have hooks behind kitchen cabinet doors (the cabinets should be positioned at the bottom or near the sink). This way the gloves, rags, brushes and cleaning supplies will be stored properly and neatly.

Kitchen organisation ideas for inspiration

The ideas mentioned above may or may not be applicable to you. That’s because each kitchen has its own design (and its design largely depends on the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality).

Organising and achieving the desired design at the same time is always a challenge. It’s especially the case when designing the things that organise your kitchen items. Kitchen cabinets, shelves and cupboards should all be designed with aesthetics and organisation in mind.

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, we can create elegant and neat kitchen cabinets and shelves for your home. We choose the best wood materials and apply outstanding craftsmanship to ensure excellent results. Contact us today and let’s discuss your ideas.

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