3 Awesome Ideas for Wood Kitchen Benchtops and Cabinets

14 / November

Searching for inspirations about wood kitchen benchtops and cabinets for your new kitchen (or if your kitchen is about to be remodelled)? In this short article we’ll give you a few ideas including trends, material, finishes and overall design. Let’s start.

1. Choose solid timber for benchtop

Solid timber is one of the most recommended in kitchen joinery. That’s because it’s strong and can maintain its beauty for many years (even decades). It’s expensive but it’s worth the price if you’re looking for great value in the long term.

Solid timber is ideal for use in benchtops because it can endure high impact and constant use. In addition, damages and scratches are easy to fix with sanding. In addition, both straight and curved designs for benchtops (at the top and the supporting structure) can be easily achieved especially when experienced joinery professionals are working on it.

2. Try open wall shelving instead of traditional cabinets

Traditional cabinets will still stay because you have a lot of finishes and design to choose from (or you can also create your own design). You can select a darker shade for contrast or a lighter one to complement your kitchen design.

On the other hand, many homeowners now choose open wall shelving. It provides a welcoming atmosphere to guests (they can just reach out to the items they need instead of rummaging one by one through the cabinets). Open wall shelving also provides you an opportunity to showcase your cookware, glassware and other items.

3. Glass front for more space and clarity

Glass fronts can also help achieve that welcoming atmosphere. It’s also an opportunity to showcase your valuable glass wares and collectibles. The difference is that glass fronts protect your kitchen and dining items from dust.

Aside from clear glass fronts, you can also choose frosted glass. This gives a blurred glimpse to your cabinet contents. This also gives variety and a different feel to your kitchen. Frosted glass fronts can also complement the natural or artificial lighting of your kitchen.

Wood kitchen benchtops and cabinets Sydney

You can start with solid timber for your kitchen benchtop and glass fronts for your kitchen cabinets. The key here is to prioritise design and functionality. The design should complement your overall kitchen design. Also, the functionality should match your needs and storage preferences. For example, open wall shelving can provide more flexibility to storage and item arrangement.

If you already have a concept for your kitchen benchtop and cabinet, contact us here at Signature Joinery & Design. We can start with your idea and create 3D concepts so you can better visualise it along with your overall kitchen design.

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