3 Amazing Tips on Designing Your Home Office

14 / March

How to create the ultimate home office you’ll actually want to work in?

Remember you’ll spend maybe at least 8 hours each weekday at the home office. That’s why it’s important to make it a worthwhile space for you to stay. It’s also good to make it appear motivating so you’ll always be inspired whenever it’s time for you to work. Here are a few amazing practical tips to accomplish that:

1. Maximise the use of natural light

Don’t recreate your boring corporate cubicle. Minimise your dependence on lamps and other artificial lighting. After all, it’s your home office and you can make it look like anything you want.

To make the huge leap, make use of the natural light as much as possible. Place your desk near the window and let the natural light illuminate your main working space. Make the windows as large as possible (or as plenty as possible). Aside from having the opportunity to look away from your computer screen from time to time, the natural light and pleasant view outside will boost your mood and energy. This will in turn improve your focus and productivity at work.

2. Hide things you don’t use often

Hide the printer, folders and other things you may not use often. These objects will distract you and clutter your precious home office. That’s why many homeowners add additional storage spaces to make their home offices neat and organised.

Many of those homeowners choose to have customised wooden shelves and drawers so they could better fit in with the available space. They get to optimise the space while making all the elements consistent (choose a uniform theme for an organised look and feel).

3. Make the space yours

It’s your home office and your client, employer or business partner has nothing to say how it should look like. You can put any item that inspires you or reminds you of a challenging thing you’ve accomplished (e.g. picture of you hiking or swimming). You can also make everything customised including your desk, shelves and chair.

One thing to take note though is it’s your home office which is a place for you to work. Don’t put everything in your home office and spend all your waking hours in there. You still have to go out and if possible, minimise your time there so you can spend your time elsewhere (kitchen, living room or just with your kid). But with that minimal time you spend at your home office, make it worthwhile and inspiring.

Apply these tips on designing your home office

Here at Signature Joinery & Design, our expert craftsmen will implement your ideas and create your ideal home office. We use the finest wood materials and work with architects and interior designers so we can achieve the best results.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your ideas. You can tell us about your vision and we’ll provide additional ideas for us to work on.

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